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Re: [Rant] Upsell instead of tech support

As an employee I can say:

* Yes, they are required to at least make an offer.
* Yes, the constant push was a bit much.
* That should've been transferred to Norton.

As others have said, your average employee will only know what's available to them at that moment. A lot of times a product is launched AND THEN there's training for that product. If the agent doesn't know about it it's likely that it's not available in your area. Can't fault them for that. Comcast has their hands in SO many pots and your average employee only learns what they need to know to perform their job duties. Why search and seek out stuff that's not available?

I do it because I've got a background in field operations and love all things tech. There are a lot like me that answer the phones and can speak about products that have been launched, will be launched, etc because we've got our finger on the pulse and follow all things tech.

Remember, people here on DSLR are not the AVERAGE customer. Just as employees here are not the AVERAGE agents. The average customer won't ask about products like AnyPlay. Heck, I'm in one of the first AnyPlay markets and I've had a total of ZERO questions on it.

Same thing happens when I call VZW and ask about new stuff that I've read about or updates for my GNex. I don't expect them to know...

Yorkville, IL
A week later...

Nothing received.... NO hardware... NO change to services... NO calls to explain... NOTHING has happened!

I called to ask why. Spent an hour, being passed to THREE different people, and was told that "Yes you agreed to the change but no one entered the change." THEN I was told that the "original call taker forgot to tell you that yes the prices would drop "slightly", but the hardware rentals will remain the same". Essentially there would be NO price drop and we would be locked into a one year contract!

Talk about bait and switch! If there was anything within reach that had internet speeds even close to what I get with comcrap I would be switching in a heartbeat!

Long and sort of this... We ordered that there would be NO changes to our service. BTW, the "customer service survey" call never happened either.

At one time I actually LIKED Comcast service but in the last year it has gone from barely acceptable (with HOURS of downtime and refusals to accept that was happening), to totally unacceptable with call takers who are useless!
Dave EMC USN(ret)

Most computer problems are caused by a loose nut between the chair and the keyboard.