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I'll Be Back

Lodi, NJ
reply to Cobra11M

Re: Bam

said by Cobra11M:

said by mech1164:

When you consider that the Wichita setup was more than likely a test cell. You really can't say how fast Tmo's LTE will be. Now hearing that they have preloaded many sites with LTE before the announcement. Can only mean that Sprint will be in an even bigger world of hurt. When they do annonce and the speeds are faster all the carriers are going to have a conniption. Boy I can't wait to see that.

Sprint will have some serious competition from T-Mobile most if not all will agree on this.. Problems will still plague T-Mobile thought.. such as coverage.. but their network is likely able to handle more than that of sprint's in some areas.. and lets not forget Sprint network is already bogged down like crazy.. last time I saw 3G on their network it looked like EDGE or GPRS speeds...

Agreed on Sprints 3G speed. I was with them until last May when I got the new EvoLTE. Lost good wimax and the signal did more back flips then a russian gymnast.

That's when I went back to Tmo and even though my Gnex is only HSPA21. It's still a darn sight faster than Sprint.


Mineral Wells, TX
haha yeah, That's why I haven't went to sprint.. I just recently signed up with T-Mobile.. even though im using a unlocked 4s and only running gprs speeds im content at the moment.. surprisingly its not as slow as I figured.. somethings take for ever but hopefully the reframing will happen in my area soon then I wont have a prob