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reply to HiVolt

Re: Bell Unlimited Promotion

said by HiVolt:

said by shrug :

Seeing that Bell is offering unlimited again, then I see no reason at all why TSI should not offer a promo of login only accounts for 10$/month.

That would not be viable under the CBB scheme. This used to work back in the day, because it only cost TSI's own transit (which was cheap), and not Bell's transit (made up inflated charges).

I don't think so.
Rates would have to come down for TSI purchased Bell-transit as well, which could be why we are seeing Bell with unlimited, and keep in mind we are waiting for the CRTC release on this.

If Bell can offer unlimited for 10$ and no one else due to the price rigging at the CRTC (and which no one could possibly compete with), then that would constitute an "undue preference" that no one could compete with. Would break a couple of rules I would think.