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Pompano Beach, FL
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RE: Beware... Comcast Business...

This theme seams to repeat.. over and over again..

Getting nailed for just 60 days, which isn't as bad as it was before.. A couple of years ago, it was 75% of the outstanding contract terms.. for zero/nada service.

Here's what happened when I tried to get Comcast Business to live up to their verbal promises (about an undefined "specific performance" guarantee).

»[Business] Commercial Users.. Beware Comcast's hidden contract t

oh.. be sure to check out the terms of service when you signed up.. Those are the terms you agreed to.. anything else changed later is not enforceable in court..

» ··· ve/.aspx


Something like a disconnect charge, that Comcast can cancel a service but they are going to still charge you for it, should be on the document you sign, not buried in a link on a web page.

Plus, the link that is on the contract you sign, doesn't even have the 60 text on it. That is another document that is linked to from that link. I'm not even sure a link to a page that then has another link to a totally different document is really part of a legal contract.

The fact is, they just need to be honest with people and not hide the fact that they are going to continue to take your money 60 days after you canceled. There just is no reason for it and I'm amazed it is legal.

Imagine if you switched electric companies and the previous company kept on billing you? Never would happen. How is this allowed to?