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reply to Bill Neilson

Re: Significant outage across Southeast US?

the max attainable rates that you and everyone else sees (JDSU, LSBBT, UVrealtime, etc...) are exactly that.... estimates! What they consider sync is 100% capacity and noise margin of zero (0)db. Now here is the reality-- I never see a line transmit at that rate and not have dropped cells/packets. So in reality 100% with a noise margin of zero (0) is bad. Essentially the max attainable should be an "estimated" reading. You use it to see if you can go faster, or really need to go slower. it's like the gas gauge on the car. Can I go another 30 miles or should I fill up?

At the same time that estimate can be off as well. I have seen some DSL modems I had to bump to a higher speed just to prove they would sync up. The max readings change and such. max readings are really good at telling you if you have a bad modem or line from inside to outside.

Point being... the "max rates" as you see should be a guide point....Not gospel. If you treat them as gospel you will get burned on repeats and excess trouble each and every time. Been there, done that, have the excess tickets over the years to prove it.
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