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This is a sub-selection from what about lte ?


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Re: what about lte ?

Maybe eventually, right now Verizon seems to want to keep all prepaid users on it's old 3G network, while it's Post-paid users migrate to LTE and free up the 3G network. Makes sense, they are going to have to keep around the 3G network a considerable amount of time as it carries their voice, need to get some users on the network so it's not mostly a wasted network they have to support.

AT&T is doing the same thing, LTE is post-paid only.
AT&T mvno's only have access to HSPA, though admittedly that's not as harsh of a downgrade as evdo is.

Sprint and T-mobile are expected to open up their LTE networks to prepaid quicker, but even that won't be for awhile I think.

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I'm happy with 3G on my phone.

Thankfully, it's not the main connection to the internet at home as I have cable internet.

For those in areas without cable or dsl though, who use their phone as a hotspot, 3G might not be fast enough for their needs.
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