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Re: Assistance with ISDN

Scratch the streaming Netflix deal. Mainly concerned with the following:

- I can effectively desktop share with people using MS Lync / Live Meeting. Typically with Excel docs.
- I can game - first person shooters, etc
- I can somehow share this connection with the rest of my family (1-2 other comps at times)

I have also found a good ISP and Verizon would be the telco I think. the ISP is stating the line speed is 128k up and down, and compression is used to get the throughput up close to 512k. Is this pretty good and in a non geeky sense what does this mean?

Temple, TX
I'm not sure on the first one. I have never tried to use that on ISDN.

Yes, you can game. Your ping should be very low. That being said, you won't be able to download any patches or updates with much speed at all. It will take hours, if not days, to update.

Yes you can share the connection, but any video or picture heavy site will drag everyone down to a crawl. I shared ours, and we just learned to deal with it. It was better than the 26.4k dial up we could get.

I would be suspect of anyone saying you will get 512k. Files that can be compressed will load faster, but pictures (example .jpg) are already very compressed and you won't see much improvement.

Hope this helps, and maybe someone else will be able to chime in with a more timely response next time. Sorry for the wait.