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Lost today
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Re: No 4G Yet :(

I'm 5 mile's from the nearest lte tower and live in heavy timber my 4620 and my Razr both get 4g at my house all by them self's out side.I do need and antenna to get the signal into the house. If these guy are as close as they say they are from known lte towers something is wrong with these devices or the towers are not what they think they are. Or higher terrain is in between them and the tower. It also could be phantom coverage I/E maps show coverage for a tower not yet live. That happened to me for four months.


I don't know where our tower is, but the land here is flat and arid. There aren't any obstructions anywhere near here. I will try driving around with the device and trying to find where the closest tower is. I also was told about a website where I can type in my address and find the towers. Thank you to everyone. You are all so helpful over here. Jamie


Stoughton, WI
what is your zip code?