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No more contracts?

Question..currently if your contract is up and you decide to purchase a phone full retail they will not put you on a new 2-yr contract. Will this eliminate contracts all together?

You can always sign up with AT&T without a contract, this was the case as always. THere wasn't a benefit however because you paid the same price as if you had a contract.

With T-Mobile - you pay less per month than people that have a contract if you buy your phone full price.

For me, i save so much money per year ($700-900) that I can afford to buy a new phone every year without even thinking about it. My plan on AT&T used to cost my $110/month (+ taxes/fees), now I pay $50 (taxes included) for MORE than I had before (get international calls now included ).

what some of you don't realize is you are being lied too by the cellphone carriers in order to get more money out of you lets look @ the reality of it first..

1) The companies say that have to have such high prices to cover the cost of the phone.. OK then why are the prices STILL the same if you buy the phone at full price up front?

2) why is there a $350 ETF that only subtracts $10 a month that you stay in the contract? if you go a full year you've only knocked off $120 there is still $230 you'd have to pay.

3) why do you have to pay $300 for a phone under the subsidy when well go back and read #1

now here i'm gonna do guess work these are not actual facts but considering the fact that it is a fact how business works then even if i'm not exactly accurate you get the idea

Companies PROBABLY spend $100 for 1,000,000 mins and probably about the same or less for text/pic messages and probably $100 for 1,000 GB of data (as i said these are just guesses and are not facts)

so basically each consumer pays MORE for each of these since unlimited talk, text is now something that many consumers are using less of the companies lowered these charges so basically we now probably pay $25-$30 for unlimited talk, and text and (with verizon) $10 for 1GB of data and the rest is paying for that smart phone.

IF this is the case that would put $300 down +$60x24 for that phone for a total of $1740 over a course of 2 years for a smartphone that is worth what? $200-$300? (this is some not all i dunno about Samsung but the HTC Thunderbolt definitely was worth about $200 and that's it)

now I ask you would u rather pay $700 for a phone or $1740?