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Walnut Creek, CA
reply to mike34

Re: [Rant] Comcast Treats Long-Time Customers Like Garbage

said by mike34:

said by djcrazy:

said by BronsCon:

Don't feel special, they treat *all* their customers like garbage.

Sir, you took the words right out of my mouth. LOL! Spot on statement!

Absolute rubbish. Neither of you can possibly speak for more than 0.0001% of Comcast's customers.

I grew up on Comcast, 6 different locations, 6 different accounts. Since then, I've had Comcast at 5 different locations; again, 5 different accounts. In all 11 locations, on all 11 accounts, I was treated like shit by Comcast in every regard. The only time I (or my parents, in the case of the first 6 accounts) wasn't abused by that company is when I was calling to set up service or when I was calling to cancel.

During the same span of time, I've known numerous people who've used Comcast, and I still know several, and they all seem to feel the same way. I don't know you, or I could at least say I know one person who's satisfied with Comcast. I'm not speaking just for myself, I'm speaking for every friend, family member, or coworker I've had in the past 20 years who's had Comcast and ever said a word to me about it. That's an army of hundreds, to your one good experience.

Why so many accounts? You can't transfer service between markets, so, when you're moving from one market to another, you get a new account. I moved around a lot during my childhood and it's taken another 15 years or so for me to finally decide to settle in one place; a place with options other than Comcast. On more than one occasion, when I was moving half way across the country, Comcast would manage to send the "please come back" promotional materials (sometimes after my new account was already established) with promos that were only valid for the market I had just moved out of. No big deal, but then... they'd also manage to send my final bill (showing a credit owed) to my new address and inform me that I should be receiving a check in 6 to 8 weeks, then proceed to send that check to the old address. Correcting that is a 6 month process; they will *not* send not a second check until 6 months have passed since the first check was issued, again with the requisite 6-8 month wait. In one of those instances, my residency at the new place was short-lived and they refused to update my address again before sending out the 2nd check, so I had to wait another 6 months (plus 6-8 weeks, again) for them to send out a 3rd check. Overall, that $60 refund took me over 15 months (and several hours on the phone) to receive and probably cost them several hundred dollars in administrative costs, between wages, postage, and check cancellations.

As for why I don't have my mail forwarded when I move: I do. They mark the envelopes they send refund checks in "Do Not Forward". That's beside the point, however, since they had (and used) my correct address for the final (credit) bill and promo materials; why send the check to the old address? Here's my guess: it's marked "Do Not Forward" and a large number of people will likely forget about it or not take the time to call in. That amounts to theft and/or fraud.

This isn't a vendetta against *all* cable companies, mind you. Several places I lived were serviced by Cox, and they were great; see my reviews of both Comcast and Cox if you're interested.


Antioch, IL
reply to Geno71

I missed a few posts here. Didn't expect too many more.

To me the bottom line is once the big infrastructure upgrades are in place and those price increases initiated... over time... there should be incremental speed upgrades MORE OFTEN than every six years (seems like the approx average), even though the bill goes up by a not unsubstantial amount every year.

I never denied I got speed increases, nor did I complain about price increases when I got speed increases as some people suggest. Still no one has answered my question: if I'm still at 20+ Mbps in 3 years and paying $80/month... is that reasonable? By that time I will have not had a speed upgrade in approximately 6-7 years but about $20-25 worth of monthly increases. And there's no way that broken down per customer it costs comcast anywhere NEAR another $25/month to offer me that service.

They are not hiring large numbers of new people in the area every year, they are not building new facilities, and many of the exisiting ones are paid off most likely. Yes inflation... raises in salaries? I bet they're minimal to non-existent, as with most major corporations. Plenty of out of work people out there who will be taking today's installer's job when he gets fed up with no substantial raises after 3 years.

Some of you are right that in absolute terms it might cost Comcast more to deliver to a service area each year, but when you divide that increase into the millions of customers they have, the government deals they get (i.e. tax breaks and incentives), and mostly static infrastructure in most major metro areas... you're not talking about a lot of money per user. And don't forget many users have the same pipe going into their house as me but are paying 3x as much for their "super-speed," even though that also doesn't cost Comcast much more to deliver (vs what it costs to deliver my $72 service). There is no cost-per-user justification for +$3/month every year. Sorry there just isn't. Maybe $.75 per user per month I could believe. $3 more every year, not so much.

AS to the BILLING, it's hard to understand how someone still doesn't get what I'm saying. Doesn't matter that it didn't happen to you. It happened to ME, hence the complaint. But I do agree with whoever said "don't feel special, they treat [many] customers like garbabge". That I certainly believe.

AS to how long before someone can sign up again after cancelling, I have no idea... never tried it because I like to think of myself as an ethical person. I don't want to game peopel any more than I like being gamed by Comcast, Verizon, or anyone else.

"It's not the way it's supposed to be but you can't do anything so live with it."

This ^ is exactly why every telecom company, insurance company, and others screw with their customers left and right. Because they know most people will take it and shut up. The government does the same thing with our liberties, btw. How's that working out for us?

My hope with this thread is not for a magic bullet -- there is none. Comcast doesn't care. It's to alert people to the fact that these things are going on and they're indicative of unethical business practices by a huge, powerful corporation that pretty soon is going to control half of the content on our TVs too. lol

Ah well. Thanks for trying to read through folks. Sorry if my OP, even after being edited multiple times, was confusing. I get that people hate reading more than a few lines of text these days. That's my weakness so may your future rant threads be filled with twitter-like posts.