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Re: [BC] Horrendous YouTube performance

said by spock:

Rusty do you happen to know what the speed limits are for GPON? I can't seem to find much info. I was reading 1/1 Gbps

I'll take this as I have a lot of experience with high speed optical networks.

GPON standards being deployed these days (ITU is the standards org) is generally GPON: ~2.5 down / ~1.25 up. 10G-PON is usually 10 down / 2.5 up. Other bitrate combinations are available in the standards. I say approx above, because to me it looks like the rates were originally based on matching ATM at OC-48 on the downstream.

EPON standards are generally: 1/1 symmetric. 10G-EPON was standardized as 10 down / 1 up. But I've heard of 10 down / 2.5 up, and symmetric 10 down / 10 up from vendors as well.