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Valrico, FL
reply to mocycler

Re: Will the bill actually be lower?

said by mocycler:

said by TWCcdman:

It would make upgrading to the latest phone cost prohibitive for many. I was in the habit of upgrading my iPhone with each new generation. That may no longer be possible.

Or to put it another way, you upgraded when you normally would not have just because you could...the cell provider ate a big chunk of the cost of the new phone. So why not?

Now that they are taking away your free ride and, you know, expecting you to pay full fare for your ticket, you're pissing and whining about "getting the shaft", as if not getting the latest and best the moment it hits the market makes one abused and mistreated by the Big Bad Cell Company.

It's funny how people are ok with sucking others dry but suddenly become soooo conservative about money when it involves their own wallet.

Actually it was the other way around. ATT's monthly bill already included the cost for assumed phone that you got "subsidized" form them. Whether you upgraded phones every 2-year contract or not they still charged you for it as you did.
i.e. if you brought your own phone you will get 0 discount unlike some European carriers.

So the only person getting shafted is the customer who did not use something they already paid for in the original obscene bill.

Besides they get these phones in bulk for fractions of what retail price is so they get positives form the whole deal either way.