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HEVC H.265 approved and ratified

Just wanted to let everyone know that H.265 has been approved by the ITU.

Basically, for those who don't know of this: it's 1/2 the Bandwidth of H.264, with equal to or better Picture Quality. This really helps UHD channel transmissions by cutting UHD streams per channel from about 75 to 30mbps. And by saving providers about 40% on cost.

It supports 8K UHD and resolutions up to 8192x4320. Making it Future-Proof, IMO.

Hopefully FiOS is smart enough to jump on this within the next 1-2 years, so they can improve picture quality , and get us more HD, 3D and hopefully UHD channels. Maybe by starting out by making an UHD equivalent FiOS1 3D channel, but streaming a native UHD sport of some kind. Then having a first UHD channel by 2016 for the Olympics.

Anyway, thought u all should know.


Keep dreaming.

You'll be lucky if you see more H.264 on FiOS within the next 2 years.

At the rate this company gets anything done H.265 compatible boxes and 4K channels are a decade away.


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reply to Webcobbler
Well...the good news it that it might fit in a broadcast channel, assuming an over the air broadcaster wanted to replace all of their current signals.

But with cable providers — VZ FIOS especially — struggling to find 12mbps channels for good old fashioned HD, and the lack of consumer hardware I think, for the time being, UHD isn't going to be much more successful than 3D.

We're reaching diminishing returns — with TVs of less than 42 inches it will be very hard for average people to see any meaningful difference between HD and UHD.

I'm not going to bash Verizon for not jumping all over this -- the cost, data needs, lack of hardware and programming and ultimately the lack of "Oh My God" factor — the clear improvement that drove DVD and HDTV for consumers — will make this a slow, slow transition.

I think 8K — when compression improves — might be the next big format in about 12 years.
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Like Murica said at least 10 to 15 years, and then it would only make sense in satellite uplinks, and since satellites live for 20 years + and it took Hughes about tha long to update their satellites both u and c . you and I will be very old. hell I won't be here

for a company with fiberoptic, all they haver to do is upgrade all the way up to OC-3072/STM-1024 159.252 Gbit/s

most stuff today is OC-48 and Verizon is using OC-192 and only on the main portions of their backbone, so even cable companies can pump up whatever fiber sections they have, that part would be chaos.

but Verizon has options..