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reply to nwrickert

Re: Having a problem viewing Updated Posts

Thank you for your reply. I'm looking at the various tabs now. If I click on either of the "updates" tabs, I only see one post and under that it shows my favorite forums (pick favorites).

When I click on the "all" tab that's what I want, but it only shows two pages and 35 topics. I want how the "all" shows the topics, but to go back further.

The tab "posts" lists every post individually (which I don't want) but it DOES give me the option to try 180 day horizon (which I want).

Okay, I found "your topics" and selected the 180 horizon. That's good. But, if I close the tab and click on the yellow start (updated posts) I am at the tab "held". Is there any way to have the updated posts open to "your topics" with the 180 day horizon?

If not, at least I know how to find it.

Previously, my updated posts always showed all my posts. A few days ago I noticed when I made a post it didn't show reply notification by e-mail. I went into my settings and fixed that, but I ended up with this problem trying to find my posts.

Sincerely, Libra

sand groper
Geneva, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
For me, the "posts" tab has an entry for each post I have made (perhaps over a limited time frame).

The second "update" tab has an entry for each thread that I have posted to, but only if the thread has been updated since I last read that thread.

The first "update" tab is similar (I think) except it also includes thread that I have selected to follow, whether or not I have posted to those.

And the postlist page remembers which of those tabs you used most recently, and makes that the default tab on the next visit. However, the "votes" and "voted" tabs are not remembered.

I might have some of the above details wrong - I'm going by memory and have not retested everything.
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