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Louisville, KY

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[Help] with HDHomeRun Prime HDHR3-CC- Louisville, KY

Is anyone using the HDHomeRun Prime HDHR3-CC with Insight Louisville? Were there any tricks you had to go through to get it to work?

It would take a book to explain all that I have tried, so I hope someone that has done this recently with Insight Louisville might be able to pass along something non-obvious they had to do to get it to work.

If this forum and thread does not lead to success, I'm going to post my issues to the Silicon Dust forums. I wanted to start here, though, in case there is something weird with Insight Louisville and the Prime.

Here is my situation:
I'm using a Windows 7 computer. I've successfully been using this computer and Windows Media Center to record/watch TV with a QAM USB tuner, so I know my way around Media Center and tuners.

The HDHomeRun software installed fine. The version is 20130117. I picked up the cable card from Insight today. I plugged it into the Prime unit. The software recognized it. Card Authentication and Card OOB Lock showed Success. Card Activation showed None. I called Insight to activate the card. This worked. While on the phone with them, Card Activation changed to success.

The two left lights on the Prime are solid green.

I then went through the Media Center TV signal setup. It successfully found the three Prime tuners and also activated the cable card encryption stuff.

But when I try to view a channel, Media Center says "No TV Signal".

Back in the HDHomeRun software, the three tuners are shown, being recognized as cable card. If I click the Scan button on the CableCard tab, it says "Error scan failed".

The signal strength and quality are both 100% as shown by the HDHomeRun software.

I connected the Prime to three different cable outlets, with the same unsuccessful result. With one of the cables, I just moved it from my Insight set-top-box to the Prime. The STB successfully views channels, so I know that cable/jack are successfully talking to Insight.

Grasping at straws, I thought maybe the Prime needed to be connected through one of the Insight mini-boxes. That did not lead to success either. When I did that, the second light on the Prime just blinked.

I saw the sections in the HDRunHome software for "Tuning Resolver". What is that? Does it come into play for any of this?

I've rebooted the computer and Prime unit many times.

I'm sure I left off some details.

Thanks for any help.


Louisville, KY
I've been performing some additional research.

Insight Louisville uses switched digital (SDV), correct?

Is the thing that Insight calls a "mini-box" the same thing as a "Switched Digital/Tuning Adapter"?

According to Silicondust, if the cable system uses SDV, a "Switched Digital/Tuning Adapter" must be used. As I explained in my original post, I did try hooking the Prime unit through a mini-box. After doing that, the second light (the CableCard sync light) just blinked (it is supposed to be solid green when it has a good connection).


Lexington, KY
reply to williamg
Insight doesn't use SDV. All of Insight's channels are encrypted and require the mini-box to decrypt them so you can watch them on your TV. Keep in mind that Louisville is also a test market for the entire line-up being available via ClearQAM, so you don't shouldn't need a mini-box if you have a TV with a ClearQAM/ATSC tuner built-in. I don't know if/when they will change this, since it's owned by TWC now.

I don't own a HDHomeRun Prime, but I do own a Ceton InfiniTV4 that also uses a CableCARD. I had to have Insight "hit" the card a couple times before all my channels show up. Are you not able to view a few channels or all of them? If it's a few all you need is a "hit" until they show up. If it's none, then you might need to give Insight the 3 sets of numbers and have them re-pair the card on their end.


Louisville, KY
reply to williamg
I have a HD HomeRun Prime and have set one up for a client. Both mine and his were set up last year when you had to have a tech come and install the Cable Card. The client has been using his daily with multiple PCs in his home. I've used mine infrequently.

I neglected trying to use mine for about six or more months and tried it again recently. I can view non encrypted channels with the QuickView program that Silicon Dust provides. I don't think that program will show the encrypted channels like 923 - ESPN HD.

It was working with my Windows 7 Media Center computer but now it is not. I believe I've got the "No TV Signal" error also. I tried a few things like rerunning all the setup programs but gave up since making it work wasn't a priority.

It's still going strong for my client. So, I don't know what may have changed to make mine quit and / or yours not work.

Put the mini-box out of your mind. That's not part of this equation at all. It simply takes the existing digital signal and plays it out on analog "cable-ready" channel 4 to old TVs. It won't produce HD or anything beyond the basic digital cable channels, up to 899. (As an aside, it drives me nuts when I go to a local restaurant and they've got a newer HDTV mounted on the wall showing football and it's using a mini-box!)


Louisville, KY

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reply to williamg
Thank you jpatton1979 and infotime for the replies.

To answer japtton1979's question; I was able to view a non-encrypted channel using the SiliconDust Quick TV application. I receive the No TV Signal error from Windows Media Center when trying to hit channels the 906.

I'm going to call Insight tonight to perform the re-pair.

Thanks also for confirming Insight does not use SDV and that the mini-box does not come into play.

I've also now emailed SiliconDust support to see what they have to say.


Jeffersonville, IN
reply to williamg
I've had mine for a while now. I recall the paring took a bit (hour) for it to finally take.

As far as encrypted channels - make sure you have done the Windows Digital cable certification (additional download) that enables the encryption.

Otherwise - mine works fine - when I had HBO I used it with HBO with no issues at all.

No other CPE equipment required other than the cable card.


Louisville, KY
reply to williamg
Closing the loop on this topic...
My Prime is now successfully viewing channels, and Windows Media Center is successfully recording those channels.

SiliconDust support said the CableCard needed to be re-initialized, as opposed to re-paired. After calling Insight to perform that action, all the issues were resolved.


Louisville, KY
I think you and I have the same issue. Is calling Insight and asking them to re-initialize the card all that's needed? Do you need to re-run any setup on the WMC or run the Digital Cable Adviser or anything?

Got a link or any text you can copy and paste from Silicon Dust?