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Re: Hmm...Austin...

said by anon anon :

said by xenophon:

What do you mean, they are doing at least a thousand sites every month. You can't go from zero to 34K sites in a year. They are behind VZW/ATT because they started the LTE rollout later. There are also doing a major cellsite overhaul, not just adding LTE like ATT/VZW are doing. So it takes longer per site and involves more equipment - some vendors have longer lead times.

So? Why should he wait? If his area might take 2 years to get upgraded why can't he go with another carrier for 2 years then come back to Sprint when they can actually provide the service he wants?

Exactly! Enough is enough. Fuck Sprint!

In June, I bought the Evo LTE on release day at full retail price, since I was still under contract with Sprint and not eligible for an upgrade for another year. Fast forward a few months later, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I did the unthinkable and left Sprint for Verizon. I ported over two smartphones and a USB data card. I really hate Verizon and Verizon Wireless, and as a company I really like Sprint, but I couldn’t take it anymore.

With no announcement of LTE insight for any of the markets in Upstate NY, combined with piss poor 3G speeds, I had to leave. It hurt. Believe me it hurt. It hurt financially, I had a phone that I paid $650 for five months prior, along with an ETF to pay, and it hurt from a personal standpoint with hating Verizon and having been a Nextel and Sprint customer for a decade. But what good is unlimited data when you’re at dial up speeds? What good is unlimited data on a phone with a 720p display when you can’t stream high quality YouTube content unless you’re on wifi? Hell or steam anything period unless you’re on wifi. Here’s the sad part, I would get much better speeds roaming on Verizon’s 1X network, then I would with full bars on Sprints native EVDO signal.

With Sprint I was paying $200/month for two smartphones with unlimited mobile to mobile, 1500 shared anytime minutes, unlimited texting and unlimited data and 6GB worth of data on the USB card. With Verizon I’m paying $203 dollars for 10GB worth of data shared between two smartphones, the USB card, unlimited calling, unlimited texting and Visual Voice Mail on one of the phones. The difference, I can actually use the data I’m paying for with Verizon, whereas on Sprint, near the end I might as well been capped to 2GB, as that’s all I could use due to the slow network. I can live with a 10GB cap, especially, when you don’t have to wait forever for things to load. I use the air card sparingly. Only when I’m away from home with my laptop. 6GB on it with Sprint was overkill, for me I could have lived with 2-3GB, but the 5GB, that eventually turned into the 6GB plan, was the lowest they offered. Paying for something your able to use, is a lot better than paying for something you can’t use. At the end even the USB modem was a joke. I could be in major suburbs, and bounce back and forth between EVDO and 1XRTT three or four times within a 10 minute span, making the thing damn near useless.

Sprint customers, in the two months I’ve had my Droid DNA on Verizon, I have yet to encounter any buffering, at all, no matter where I am, even on 3G. Do you know what that’s like? No buffering on Pandora, Shoutcast or Sirius XM. No buffering on You Tube or DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Online.

When Sprint has a real 4G network, provided they have a decent handset selection, I will be back. But until then, fuck 'em!
iPhone: 4” 1136 X 640 Display, 1.30 GHz Dual Core Processor, 1 GB RAM
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So tell me, why is exactly is the iPhone so great?
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