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reply to jsemon

Re: T-mobile LTE will be better than this...

said by jsemon :

T-mobile has always been big on speed. I'm sure that this isn't the speed that their LTE will be and 95% of the time, these reports are based off of a single user's experience...

I was in Chicago in December, where T-Mobile's HSPA 1900 is all over the place, and my iPhone 4s & my wife's 4s constantly got 12+ down. I used my 2GB of data in 2 days, tethering. Much faster than AT&T's HSPA 1900... Unfortunately, it's only in certain parts of the area I live in, but building out fairly rapidly.

I have seen the AT&T speeds of 50+ Mbps, but only at launch. I haven't seen them much recently. It has slowed down to ~20 (still not bad for mobile data). Hopefully T-mobile will show AT&T up!

I see AT&T LTE speeds of 50+ on a pretty regular basis here in Dallas and in Houston. T-Mobile sucks here.

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