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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to Koil

Re: [Skyrim] Modded Skyrim looks amazing

said by Koil:

said by Ghastlyone:

Awesome dude, thanks. I nearly purchased this on Steam over the weekend when it was $29.99.

I'll get it soon enough.

Dude....if you bought ANY game in recent history, it should have been Skyrim. It's insanely....epic...in the literal sense. It's just huge and more quests than you could imagine. As with most of Bethesda's games, I usually end up doing so many side quests, that the main quest ends up being neglected for months at a time...so much, that I actually start messing some things up in the game, time continuity wise....but I think they've fixed most of those now.

Oh, and even without the mods, it's gorgeous....jaw droppingly so.

With the mods, it's unreal. I've seen where they've cranked them to such levels of detail that you'd never be able to play it (as you'd get 2FPS or something) but it's probably the closest thing to actual cinematic that I've ever seen IN GAME...that engine is fucking crazy.

tl;dr - just get it.

I have to agree.

Skyrim is just that epic. I am playing the game again after taking some time off to play other games. Man, when I came back and picked right back up. I have played this game 80+ hours and I will be putting in probably 80 more before I am done. Dead Space 3 is going to cut into that a bit, but not much.
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