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Body Count

Columbus, OH

When did WOW get BTN2GO access?

Just got a WOW! Connects Newsletter email. In it there was mention that WOW! had Big Ten 2 Go access. This is the first I've heard of it. OMG!

I just tried to get access and WOW! is now listed as one of the cable providers to use. However, I'm having issues getting any of the videos or live games to show up in Chrome. It keeps wanting me to drag something over to the window which I can't do. The live game that's playing right now (women's basketball) won't buffer up (although it does pop up a separate window and tries to load).

Ok .. so now when will WOW! get WatchESPN? That's the main one I want!


In the topic of WOW being alienated from consumers lately, they do stuff like this and never mention it. When they added TBS and TNT, they didn't mention it anywhere, no email, nothing. So when they finally do something consumer friendly they just don't want to share it.

Back on real topic I too on chrome can't get it to work right.

WatchESPN would be awesome to get, but I am not holding out hope.


Seems to be working with IE. Nothing live at the moment but I can get the videos to play.