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Douglas, GA
reply to bran_gray

Re: "Overutilization outage"

"Overutilization outage" is just a term windstream uses for we are too damn lazy and cheap to update our broken old equipment, but we are still pushing internet on good customers to take it in the rear.

^^real talk^^


Actually, when I think about it "overutilization outage" is a brilliant term for Windstream to use. It puts the emphasis on customers not using the service "properly" rather than on them providing proper service. I define "proper service" as providing the service promised - that their customers are paying for.

I can appreciate the problem that WS is dealing with - they structured a data network on a legacy voice infrastructure that goes back to the the 1940's or so. They dealt with the distance limitations of that infrastructure by putting in a bunch of remote terminals, mostly serviced by the same copper infrastructure, which is now a major choke point in their network design. But fiber is expensive and investors seem to think the CEO is doing a great job for them if he dinks around with M&A rather than the dull business of actually providing the services that customers pay for.

My main complaints are why WS can't seem to provide a straight answer about network upgrades ("tough shit, country bumpkin" would be a straight answer in my book), and most especially why the US taxpayer is borrowing money (stereotypically from the Chinese) to give to the company to enhance the network that the private investors apparently don't care about - with no accountability required. It's utterly galling to me.