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Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable

On another, related topic...

T-Mobile HSPA+ in PCS works pretty darned well...where it's available. I swapped my data stick's SIM for a microSIM (with adapter) today so I could use T-Mobile with my (VZW LTE) iPad. Where T-Mobile has rolled out PCS HSPA+ here in Austin, speeds are solid (10+ Mbps down, 2-4 Mbps up). However there are areas where you can notice the fact that T-Mobile's H+ rollout in PCS isn't quite complete...and there are additional areas where my iPad would drop down to 70 kbps EDGE.

Ironically, one of those areas (the Chuy's at 183 and Duval) was the home of a very strong Sprint LTE signal, which of course eclipsed anything I can get on the iPad...on the download side anyway...from Verizon or T-Mobile these days (I've seen 35 Mbps on my iPad over VZW LTE before, but not recently).