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I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
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reply to bran_gray

Re: "Overutilization outage"

Bran_gray, if you have seen them put in new dslams in your area or new fiber to the existing ones, then you are probably a year away from a fix. I am guessing reading the posts here then knowing they did spend stimulus money for most of the new rural equipment they have deployed, and by law it's supposed to be working by 2014.

If you don't see any work and then you could be years from a fix. If you don't game and don't download much (forget netflix and much streaming) then satellite works. I used it for years and justified the cost because I had a fairly successful online biz at the time. It paid for itself, no doubt in updating the site which was several times a day. But it's pretty easy to hit your limit if you downloaded much at all, and then there wasn't anything to stream or little. I think I had 170 megs a day limit. I don't know what they do now. 170 megs a day wasn't hard to exceed with 4 people in the house online. We often ran out of bandwidth before the night was over. Then they did the limit cycle daily. Most now do it monthly, which is worse, if you run out, some plans leave you at modem speeds until the 1st of next month. Check closely before you jump. It's a solution, yes, but a tricky one to manage if you use much bandwidth.
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Sweeny, TX
Piggie, I do school online both downloading and uploading projects. Before my internet started having issues I would also stream, torrent, game, and use voip services frequently. Nowadays I'm lucky to do even one of these at a time. My wife likes to stream her shows and my son likes to stream as well.

The problem we're facing is most nights during peak hours our download drops to barely above dial up speeds and our upload speed drops through the floor. Speed tests literally hang on the upload test and never finish. I don't know how many times I've had to hook up my smart phone just to be able to upload a project that's due.

I have no clue if any work is going on in our area (I'm sure up in Sugarland they plan fixes) but down where I am it is unknown. I've just seen it happen over the year of steadily declining service that people will start to have troubles, start to have serious troubles, be told of overutilization outages, and then promised fixes that keep getting pushed back.

I ask this now because if I need to switch then I need to start planning and looking at what is available. And in our area it's not much.