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Pittsburgh, PA

[speed/latency] SNR Downrate margin is 0, how am I getting ANY c

Hello everyone. I'm having shaky connectivity issues and noticing a performance degradation with our DSL with Verizon. I'm not 100% sure whether the problem is on their end or ours. The one question I do have though is that my SNR downrate margin is 0. How on earth do I still have connectivity?

Here are my DSL stats courtesy of an ActionTech GT701D DSL modem:
DSL Status
VPI: 0
VCI: 35
DSL Mode Setting: GDMT
DSL Negotiated Mode: ADSL2Plus
Connection Status: Showtime
Speed (down/up): 4507 / 862
ATM QoS class: UBR
Near End CRC Errors : 0/0
Far End CRC Errors : 0/0
Near End CRC(Within last 30 mins) : 0/0
Far End CRC(Within last 30 mins) : 0/0
Near End RS FEC : 0/0
Far End RS FEC : 0/0
Near End FEC(Within last 30 mins) : 0/0
Far End FEC(Within last 30 mins) : 0/0
Discarded Packets(Within last 30 mins): 0
SNR Margin (Downstream/Upstream): 0/16
Attenuation (Downstream/Upstream): 113/9

One thing to note, we used to have 7Mbps, but now it's apparently 4.5Mbps. Is this something a tech will have to come and check out?


Spring Mills, PA

Re: [speed/latency] SNR Downrate margin is 0, how am I getting A

i have a gt701d as well, and have never had it report stats correctly on verizon. that said, i've never seen one report attenuation that high. what i would suggest is having verizon send you either a westell 6100g, or if you want a gateway (wireless, router, and modem all-in-one), an actiontec gt784wnv.

as for having a tech come out, i would wait until you get a modem that reports statistics correctly. also of note: do NOT let them send you one of the d-link units, as they don't report any kind of useful statistics.