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Walnut, CA
reply to mkaishar

Re: Anyone having problems in the Riverside County area?

I'm in Walnut, also. I've been having problems since around Thursday. I have the 50/25 package. Right now I'm getting 0.022 Mbps / 0.06 Mbps. I've been getting about 58/35 from 2:00 am until about 10:00 am, then it starts dropping all day, until 2:00 am, when it's suddenly blazing fast. The pattern's been repeating daily.

I had a similar problem last July. It took them several days to realize that they had a problem somewhere, then they went to work on it and it suddenly cleared up.

They sent me a new router. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow...


Rowland Heights, CA
Did they tell you what was the problem you had last July? Did a tech came and fix it or was is internal fixing?


Walnut, CA
It was a failure of their equipment. Except for today, my upload speed has been unaffected, only the download speed. As of now, my speeds are 0.249 / 35.27, so my upload seed is back. We'l see what 2:00 am brings.


Walnut, CA
1:58 am. Back to full speed, probably until about 10:00 am if the pattern holds.