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Home Phone Provider

I have been using Birch Communication land line for several years. I recently bought a MagicJack Plus and cancelled my Birch service. I paid my final bill within 7 days of receipt of it. The next month I received a bill with a set of parentheses ( ) around the "amount due". Normally, overpayments are preceded by a minus [-] sign, so I called their customer service. She told me that I was due a refund and would receive it within 90 days. NINETY DAYS !!!!!!! THAT'S IDIOTIC.......Why should they expect customers to pay within fourteen days and they pay in ninety days ?????

Incidentally, the MagicJack Plus works great and only cost $79. I have already saved nearly $120 that I would have paid Birch, so I am $40 ahead. I highly recommend MJ+ if you have 3mbps internet speed or better. Not with dial-up service though. It is not dependent on your computer like the earlier models. You can also use it with your computer at hotspots while traveling.


Magicjack+ is a interesting product, however it is not for everyone.

It's not as reliable as some other voip companies, and possibly has lower voice quality as well.

if your unit works well you are lucky and it's a great deal.

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
reply to graypuppy
Many customers of mine use it over a 1.5 mbps connection just fine, it seems to use g711 codec.

I just started our own in house voip service, and even though its more expensive, people like the local support and on site jack wiring.
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reply to graypuppy
My father in law has MJ+ and its horrible. Constant pops and clicks, just horrible sound quality. And they have a good internet package.

I took sent them an ATA from where I have my phone from and it works a thousand times better.
The real draw to MJ, is that its cheap. Really really cheap. I have never seen it work well enough to sacrifice being able to have a conversation for being cheap.


reply to Inssomniak
said by Inssomniak:

people like the local support and on site jack wiring.

By on site you mean you will rewire their ISW over at their house for voip. Is there a charge and what is it. This is the first time I've heard a company specifically doing this in Ontario.