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Columbus, OH
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reply to UverseTech2

Re: when will AT&T upgrade to the Pace 5168NV for a RG

said by UverseTech2:

To this day the VRADS that are pair-bonding enabled are not as widespread as one would assume. On top of that they would have to upgrade (add more cards) to the existing one to offer this with any penetration. This is definitely not an inexpensive undertaking, now with all that, what do you think.

Isn't the latest rumor floating around is that ATT is going to offer higher speed tiers this year.. I would think they would need to start enabling more pair-bonding VRADs than now.. Of course I know they are also planning on things such as vectoring to push more bits out of the ancient copper..

Belleville, IL
as well as increasing penetration by adding vrads in areas as well. Any vrad can do pair bonding, it depends if engineering has allowed an area to have it, but pair bonding is definitely part of increasing the speeds to the prem