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Barrington, IL
reply to Tech007

Re: Speed is deteriorating, package availability?

Dialtone is good and consistent.
I did a self install but the NVG510 had a problem so a tech came out with a new one, all was good.
I do have a direct line to the modem which I recently re-ran, although the tech said there was nothing wrong with my inside wiring.

Thanks for the reply but since I posted I decided to switch providers. As luck goes my down speeds have been increasing lately, got 5.5M yesterday. My up speeds however are still half what they used to be, 0.36m.
I'm seeing a huge amount of FEC and CRC errors. Over a few days my FEC's have been in the 100K's!, CRC's in the 10K's!.
Something is wrong with the line and I've lost all faith in it getting corrected, that's why I'm moving on.

Belleville, IL
there is probably and outside issue if you are seeing a lot of crc and fec that could be bad copper or your signal going somewhere else(Bridge tap)


Barrington, IL
Especially on the upload side.
It's half of what it used to be.
Today with the warm weather I synced 6015 down and 694 up. Speedtest 5.67M down 0.36 up.
Thanks for replying, but I'm changing on Saturday.
I'm keeping it for a month just to make sure the changeover is good however.
I'm curious to see if the down sync holds with very cold weather coming in 2 days.


Barrington, IL
In the last 25 minutes I got 2503/2677 FEC down/up and 1/226 CRC down/up errors.