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Powassan, ON
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Re: Discussion about log retention

"I'm all for privacy, but there are simple civil if not criminal accountability reasons ISPs should maintain a log of clients VS IPs. Otherwise how could they track down spammers, black hat hackers, botnets and all sorts of people with criminal intent. While it may be desirable they be, a somewhat dumb pipe, even the phone company keeps a call log and have for decades."



Those of you following this thread since the original issue occurred know that I've been active in it. However, I've taken a back seat over the Christmas following two deaths in the family.

I also feel we are regurguating old information, to new people. We haven't progressed that much since the first hearing whilst we wait.

I CAN however contribute to the above as I was the original person who confirmed that THERE IS NO LEGAL REQUIREMENT to keep logs. The decision is taken by the ISP on grounds of their own choosing.

I checked this with the CRTC, the Office of the Privacy Commisioner, the Department of Trade and Industry, the CAIP, an SC Lawyer, and a couple more.

The answer was 100% conclusive. There is no need to keep them, and no charges could be brought against the ISP if their response to every legal warranted request was "I'm sorry, we don't have that information."

That said, Marc is within his rights as the CEO to set the level at whatever he feels is necessary to run the business the way he wants to, and I support that 100%.