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West Palm Beach, FL
reply to magdoll

Re: [Connectivity] DPC 3010 firmware swap

Two things going against it working, it's not a Comcast approved modem, »mydeviceinfo.comcast.net/ and it's used. Also new firmware would load automatically at boot, if it was a approved Comcast modem,


DPC3010 is the same as the CC approved DPC3008 except it has a USB port.

They also use the exact same firmware.

That said some modems won't activate via walled garden.

Call CC or use the direct forum. Tell them it's a DPC3008 if you feel the need, again they use the exact same firmware and hardware, just the 3010 has the USB header connected and 3008 doesn't.

The firmware will flash after it's authorized on the network. You may also try a factory reset on it via the reset button. If you still can't get it work just return it to Amazon. Get the DPC3008, which again, is the same modem so you should have same luck as you did on the old one.

I also use the DPC3008 fwiw, 0 issues.


Chicago, IL
I took it over to my old place and right after it synced, all the lights started flashing and it restarted, I logged in and sure enough RCN had already pushed their firmware to it (bye bye cox!), I didn't even have to call them. I'll try to activate it again tonight with RCN firmware and will report back with my findings.


Yeah, some providers authorize firmware updates on any connected device, others only on authorized. Comcast in your area probably only on authorized because even that RCN firmware will go bye bye once activated.

Your final FW should be:

That said, the online activation will probably likely fail still as it will be an unknown modem resulting in you calling or getting level 2 support to add it. You can play this two ways, play dumb saying it is an 3008 which is the official supported model (though they are the same basically) or be honest and they may still help as they can override the model info. Really depends who you get :P