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The Ozarks
reply to Grumpy

Re: Gas company hanky panky or bona fide glitch?

said by Grumpy:

Our local electricity company (CL&P) estimates monthly bills when the meter reader doesn't show up to take the reading. "Funny" how the bill skyrockets when this occurs. My theory is that this is their means to a cash flow grab, but that's another story...

It gets worse -- I pay the usual and customary amount on time, and they charge penalty and interest on the artificial high balance due, that isn't even really due. It's only a few dollars that isn't worth the phone button torture plus on-hold time required to fix it, but it certainly does tweak ones sense of what is right or wrong.

Thanks for yours. Anyway, I have learned something about dealing with gas utility that I did not know. If knowledge is empowerment, then I should do better the next time this happens. And admittedly if the adjustment had been "downward" I'd be singing their praises.
"in flagrante delicto"