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Aptos, CA

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Re: [Info] Windows 8 Pricing Goes Back to Normal

said by dave:

said by Gone Fishing:

Windows 7
There's been a lot of whining this week.

Microsoft should have learned from the end of the temporarily-reduced payroll tax rate. If you reduce the cost of something temporarily, people are later going to be claiming that you "increased" it.

Actually, the experiment just proved what most people already know. Very few people ever upgrade their version of windows, at any price. They "upgrade" when they buy a new PC with the latest windows installed on it.

Pretty much anyone who was going to buy the OS upgrade (aside from volume license companies, who sure don't pay $200 a pop for it) has already done it. Everyone else will upgrade if/when they ever get around to buying a new touch-enabled device with win8 on it.
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