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Re: Time for a stop sell on McNicoll POI?

said by TypeS:

Going with another TPIA won't guarantee you will get faster speeds, the congestion could be because TekSavvy's POI is overloaded or Rogers has oversubscribed some of their newer speeds.

That is a silly idea, Rogers "oversubscribing their newer speeds" since all practical networks are oversubscribed by design and necessity. Being able to get full speed only means that there is no congestion (at least not in your critical path) at that moment in time.

A small HSF node has ~150 customers and at 10Mbps each, that's already 1.5Gbps if everyone used the internet at the same time. Even if the cell had 12 QAMs (most only have 8), you still have 3:1 oversubscription. If you toss new speeds in, the oversubscription is likely closer to 7:1 for 12-QAM or 10:1 for 8-QAM nodes.

TSI has/had over 60k people on DSL. At an average speed of 5Mbps, that would require 300Gbps of interconnect with Bell but TSI only has ~30Gbps including near-future upgrades. That's 10:1 oversubscription at TSI's end.