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Warwick, RI
reply to CoxTech1

Re: [RI] Self Install Kit on active line

said by CoxTech1:

said by ajwees41:

maybe get your father to put you on the account or just transfer it into your name.

You would not be able to do this to transfer an account. To transfer an account into somebody else's name or an assumption of account if you will the previous account needs to be closed so a new one can be established. Sales can set it up so that the process is as smooth as possible usually without having to swap any equipment.

I will only need internet when the time comes. It will simply need to be explained to him i need a "roommate" account added or else there will be no internet to share i will restrict the slow backup 1meg DSL to myself . Otherwise he needs to ADD internet for me . The roommate account would be easier for me to deal with cox activating the modem and any internet issues . At least i know what can and cannot be done and where i stand. If clearwire continues ISP service this may not be an issue.