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Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

My neighbour in St Cath has been off and on all day yesterday. Had to make a guest SSID for her on my router so her daughter could get her assignments in. I showed her start's website and pricing, she has decided to switch as well.


Niagara Falls, ON
I am in Niagara Falls and started having nightly outages last week.

Last night it came off and it still did not come back. Modem has 4 lights and I get IP from IKTEL, but no service. I am currently tethering into my Wind Mobile cell, but that only gives me internet on single PC and I have 4 PCs + PS3 + XB360 hooked up on my WiFi.

I don't want to go back to Cogeco, because they just ask too much for too little. Paid my dues to Cogeco for many many years so iktel was refreshing at a time.

Currently looking at Acanac or someone here suggested Start company from London and they get amazing reviews here and the Cable rates look fair.

Going to give IKTEL 30-day notice.