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Cincinnati, OH
reply to jfkriz

Re: Clear QAM

said by jfkriz:

Pretty much the same - I haven't checked all of the channels, because I was only concerned with the big broadcast networks and being able to record multiple during prime time. I could get these OTA as well, but I don't have an antenna in the house, so being able to record right from Bell's streams (that I'm paying for...) is nice.

True, I really don't want to record much beyond what is on the main channels, but it would be nice to be able to. I suppose it's nice to know that when I move out, I won't really have a need to get cable since none of the channels will work with my dvr system. Right now I'm using one tuner (OTA only) with an antenna, and the other is connected to my cable. Basically I can record 2 copies of each channel simultaneously since the ones available via QAM are the same as my OTA channels.

Out of curiosity, what dvr system are you using this with?


Loveland, OH
It's a MythTV setup - one backend with two frontends. With Time-Warner, I had a HDHomerun dual-tuner to record 2 unencrypted RF channels, plus a Hauppauge HD-PVR hooked up to the cable box. Now the HDHomerun is useless (until I break down and put an antenna in the attic...), but I can record 3 unencrypted IPTV streams, plus one from the set-top box.