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reply to Joey1973

Re: I have a better idea.

said by Joey1973 :

Since they've abused it so badly, I say that we--the people--should abolish 'copyright' entirely. After all, it's not like these people really "created" anything--every author of something was raised, educated, trained, and inspired by others; everything they've ever done is attributable to someone else.

YOu are absolutely correct. Let me know when you tell your employer that you no longer need your pay, since you are not doing anything that wasn't attributable to the people that helped educate you or inspired you.


do a search on Disney and Micky mouse,
and how copyright is being extended to protect the copyright mouse.

Europe is in the process of allowing copyright to expire in a good time(50 years - 70 years maximum) and not allowing it to continue on for centuries to keep some Rich MoFo rich on the backs of people who get sued for downloading 'its a wonderful life'(interesting copyright fight to do with original story copyrights), or works like marty luther kings 'i have a dream' videos/speech.


reply to onthenose
Excellent idea... when I leave my current job, everything that my employer continues to pay me I'll contribute to the "Starving Copyright Owner Fund". Yay me!