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reply to cataplexy

Re: Quebec: Best ISP and plan for value?

Is your phone service TSI's VoIP TekTalk, or it it a regular Bell Landline ?

Gotta factor in the cost of a landline if you have one and want to keep it, such as if you go Cable.

Also, consider the MODEM extortion fee from Bell thru the Indies for VDSL (aka 25Mbps or faster DSL service) - That's $8 to $10 extra per month if you were thinking of having that speed - you DID mention 30 Mbps Cable in your OP.

And yes, IME, Cable installs have less problems on the average, especially if you are inexperienced with modems & routers, as there is no account login for the user to need to program into the router for Cable service, but there IS for DSL.

AND, as someone else said, the DDL (Dreaded DRY LOOP) fee/ripoff/rental, if you need one of those in your plan - except with eBox on some plans.