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« The morality cops
This is a sub-selection from Oh well.

Looking at the bigger picture
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Re: Oh well.

said by anon anon :

How much of your local taxes goes towards paying the local police? If there wasn't any crime you wouldn't need police so your higher taxes are the fault of the criminals that necessitate a local police force and jail not the cops themselves. So the fault of this $3 fee is that of the people that pirate not the ISP. That is who you indignation should be focused on.

Except that there is a very big difference between police investigating/prosecuting crime and a corporate entity not wanting to pay for its own security measures. What you are saying is: since people keep walking on your lawn, the whole community should pay for your fence. Sorry but if you want a fence... go buy one. If the music/movie industries want ISPs to engage in policing, they should be footing the bill. If they want to pass that expense off to their customers through the price of their product then so be it. The indignation should be focused squarely on the RIAA/MPAA and should be amplified to disgust, IMO.