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San Diego, CA
·Cox HSI
reply to John Galt

Re: .264 files

said by John Galt:

said by MaynardKrebs:

Next step is Hollywood lobbies Congress to declare H.265 a "weapon of mass terror" and they make it illegal to possess a movie encoded with it, or even to possess the following characters - H.265 - any where, in any order, on your disk drive.

The law will make it legal to only have no more than 7 movies on them.

Oh, and you must click each time for a movie...no 'autoplay'.

One click = one movie.

Of course, there are people who want to ban movies altogether ("think of the childrens!!")...or make you change the hard drive after watching each movie, but they're extremists and Congress is not likely to sign on to that position.

Well, at least not until they see more money...

^^ 2nd!!! ^^