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reply to liquoranne

Re: [Classes] Druid 5.2

I like boomy. It's an all around fun spec to play. They're painful in BG's if they catch you off guard. Thankfully displacer beast is getting a nerf. That crap is annoying once I get them to 15% hp. Thankfully GladiatorLOSa let's me know when their cooldowns are blown. I just CoS-Vanish-Cheap shot- and then KS when they trinket the CS. As for PvE, I've seen a few boomys that pull great numbers, but it's rare. I think it's the overall change with celestial alignment. That talent and another crap out the MF/SF-SS-Wrath/w/e the other one was spamming. But as far as I know Hit and Haste are top priority. They could do with a mastery boost or change IMO.