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Brooklyn, NY
reply to dellsweig

Re: $100 a year to USE MS Office - lol

said by dellsweig:

I have the out of the box version of Office 2011 installed and activated on 3 personal computers with no problem. Not sure what the EULA says but Its at least 2 installations allowed.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think retail version of Office 2010 allows up to 2 installations: one for a desktop and one for a laptop machine. Although I'm not sure how MS can tell apart desktop from laptop, so IMO it will activate up to 2 HWID's per product key online; after that you will get an error message and will have to use phone activation past that.

I also think that MS phone activation allows some leeway, as long as you are being reasonable. After all, per EULA terms you are allowed to install it on another machine as long as you remove/stop using it on the old machine. So if you call their activation hotline once every few months with a different HWID and answer that it's only installed on one machine, I'm sure that giving you a second set of numbers to activate won't be a problem. However, if that product key leaks online and they start getting hundreds of calls per day about the same product key, it will sure as hell get blacklisted.

By the way, Office 2011 refers to the Mac version. The previous PC version before the one that just came out was 2010.
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