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Fremont, CA
reply to esteeze

Re: RG unresponsive each morning

I called up techsupport this morning, the guy claims 6db is the floor for noise margin(what?!), but he ran the line test and did say something is not right and is sending a guy over to see where the noise is coming from. Not sure if I'll get a new RG....

Belleville, IL
6db is the min, if its lower than 6db than you will experience problems if its over 6db it is considered within specs(Not saying that its right but testing will show passing)

think of it as a pipe a pipe that is only 6in can only let so much signal in but a pipe that is 20in has a lot of room for signal the greater the nosie margin the better your signal so a low noise margin could be too high a speed for how far your distance is from central office or vrad or could be interference from other signals or could be bad wiring or outside drop wire etc..