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Albuquerque, NM

Piggybacking 2 Modems?

I use Comcast's Triple-Play service on wired broadband. I'm upgrading my modem to a Surfboard 3.0 to take advantage of their recent 3.0 upgrade. However, the Surfboard won't access Comcast's Telephony.

I read a while back that I can connect another modem, like the Arris TM602G I have, to the Surfboard 3.0, which I have, in order to separate the signal for Telephony to the Arris and the rest to the Surfboard.

I'll also be adding a router but don't know which one to buy, yet.

I'd really appreciate advice, how-to's, or just a link to where a resolution has already been posted. Thanks a ton!


You simply install a 2 way splitter and you can run your surfboard and arris emta. You can't piggy back them. You could see if Comcast will install an arris docsis 3 emta that way you don't need to buy one yourself considering your still paying a rental fee if you have an emta, or the phone modem.


united state
Or you can buy a Arris tm722g/CT which is a docis 3.0 EMTA good for internet and phone.

However as discussed in other threads you can only purcahse it at a Best Buy with a Comcast Center located inside.


Albuquerque, NM
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But I already bought the Arris TM602G and the Surfboard 3.0. The Arris I've been using, Surfboard is still in the box but non-returnable.

I'm not renting a Comcast modem but I am still limited to 2.0 with the Arris. I'd LOVE to be able to get my rig on 3.0!

Delshin, what kind of splitter? Like an active one? And would the splitter be a non-adjustable 50/50 split? I'd rather have more percentage of power going to the Surfboard than to the Arris since I don't use the Telephony that much. (UPDATE: I just found them on Amazon but still don't know what I need)

Thanks again to all and I hope to be able to quit bothering y'all.


Miami, FL
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East Falmouth, MA
reply to RebelwoaClue
Comcast hands out nice Splitters For free

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
reply to RebelwoaClue
so you bought a 602 but dont have the phone activated yet? where did you buy it from?
I'm better than you!


said by gar187er:

so you bought a 602 but dont have the phone activated yet? where did you buy it from?

What he said. The first eMTAs that Comcast sold were TM722s through selected retailers. Even now, only the 722s and 822s are for sell at Best Buys. While Comcast did directly sell a few older devices to subs if they asked, they are few and far between. Probably not even half a percent of devices were sold through Comcast. They were NOT proactively sold. 99.999% of the models prior to the TM722 are property of a cable company and you're gonna run into issues.

But to answer your question, yes, you can have an eMTA and a modem. The modem will get the internet bootfile and the eMTA will be provisioned for CDV.


Albuquerque, NM
reply to gar187er
Yes, the 602 (from Egghead) has been activated for a few months. I wanted to stop renting Comcast's modem. Then I purchased the 3.0 Surfboard and when they came out the rep. said that he shouldn't hook up the Surfboard because our Comcast hadn't upgraded to 3.0. Well, I found out that they had and apparently he just didn't want to bother with helping me. So, I wrote this forum to find out how to just do it myself and bypass Comcast's "help."

Thanks, but I'm still working on it because I'm starting to wonder if Comcast is worth $172/month and what I should do with my $2,000+/year subscription (w/phone & cable w/HBO & HD & broadband w/higher speed). For what I'm paying and the so-called service I'm not getting, I think I am being fleeced because they're taking advantage of my ignorance.

Quakertown, PA
Well if the 602 is allready activated with phone my suggestion would just be hook the 3.0 surfboard modem up via a splitter and use the walled garden and activate it. Just hook it up grab your comcast bill and go thru the steps. Most times its very painless.