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Woodbridge, VA
reply to MovieLover76

Re: .264 files

said by MovieLover76:

You got me I used the wrong terminology, however.

I can tell the difference between DTS and DTS-HD, DTS is a slightly better than AC3, but it's nowhere near the Lossless audio formats.

And I know AC3 can technically be used on a blu-ray, but that's only used for older movies for which lossless audio is not available. Newer movies almost always include lossless audio.

To most consumers, doesn't concern me, most consumers are listening via the tinny speakers in their TV.

My post assumed based on the 9GB filesize comment, that AC3 audio was used, that's the only way to retain decent video and audio.

My point was that you can't get lossless audio into a 9GB file, and I watch HD files with AC3 or DTS audio as well as owning a lot of blu-rays with lossless audio. On my home theather setup, the difference is definitely noticeable.

DTS being better than AC3 or the opposite was beat to death back in the 90's. AC3 is a more efficient codec than DTS since the DTS bitrate was usually much higher to achieve the same quality as AC3 at a lower bitrate.