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Quakertown, PA
reply to Geno71

Re: [Rant] Comcast Treats Long-Time Customers Like Garbage

You do know you pay the same as us. We have fios available yet your comcast costs the SAME as us. Fios came about because you stated fios changes the rules. Im pointing out it doesnt but this is why dios pricing was brought into it. as you can see fios is more expensive and doesnt change comcasts prices unlike what many like to think.

I have (what I believe to be) the Preferred level of service that in recent times was $69.95 until they jacked up the rate again this month. Apparently I have hope of getting a 2x bandwidth increase one day, but only when FiOS reaches my area and I Comcast perceives a threat.

»Post here: Blast 50/10 or 50/15 or Extreme 105/20 upgrades

No FiOS as yet, but you can bet if it gets here first I won't be waiting around to ask Comcast for a "free upgrade" that I should've gotten over the last 4 years as part of my fee increases.

They have huge capacity to increase everyone's bandwidth but won't do it until they face the prospect of a mass exodus in a particular market due to superior product like FiOS or Google Fiber.