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Steve Mehs
Gun Control Is Using A Steady Hand
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: HDMI cables

You do realize you overpaid for all of that, right? And who cares about shipping charges, look at the final price. I’m thinking about getting a Beats Pill portable Bluetooth Speaker to compliment by Big Jambox. Best Buy wants $200 + tax, that’s $217.50. I can get it on Amazon for $174 + $7 shipping, $0 tax, that’s $181. So what is the point of spending $36 more on the same exact item?

Last month, I bought a bunch of Kindle Fire HDs at Best Buy for people at work to give as Christmas presents to their relatives. I’ll buy whatever someone wants for anyone as long as they pay me back so I can accumulate more cash back reward points on my credit card. Thanks to that I also accumulated like $50 worth of Best Buy Reward Zone certificates. Last weekend I went to Best Buy looking for something to get, and everything is so grossly overpriced it was hard work actually finding something in there to buy when your choices are extremely limited compared to eBay or the Amazon Marketplace. I ended up buying a few movies on Blu Ray and some UFC video game for Xbox Kinect.

And I am so sick and tired of them shoving their extended warranty scams down my throat. It used to be when I was an idiot and bought something more than a few dollars there like a DVD Player or satellite radio receiver they’d bug you about an extended warranty. Now they offer warranties on movies and video games for $2 per title. You think the sales dummy would have learned that I didn’t want that shit after declining it on the video game and the first movie, but he proceeded to ask me for each of the four other blu rays I bought.

Like I said Best Buy is only useful for showrooming, and you really can’t buy anything remotely high end in that place. Anything midlevel or above requires you to go to a Mag location. I was actually going to buy my last Blu Ray player there, but out of the four area Best Buys only one features a Magnolia section and apparently a $250 Sony Blu Ray player is too high end for normal Best Buys. The one Mag location was sold out, I could have had it shipped to the store in 3-5 business days. Fuck ‘em! Tiger had it for the same price, so I ordered it there and saved the tax.
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