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united state

New Triple Play options in Chicago

I can only speak for the Chicago Region, but now customers have the option of getting any triple play and substituting the Home Phone for a Xfinity Home Alarm System. Same price as current triple plays. 99/109/119/139/159 depending on which package you pick. It does required 3 year contract with alarm portion which also requires a customer to keep a minimum subscription to internet (at least 3mb package) but the contract does not cover the cable TV.

Or you can get whats called a Quad play that bolts on the alarm system for an extra 29.99 per month for 24 months to any of the triple play packages.

Just FYI though most reps over phone can't put in alarm orders. You can order them in person at a Best Buy with a Comcast Center inside or if you call to order they put in a xfinity home alarm lead track which has someone qualified in Alarm orders to call you back at some point.

This offer will show up for new customers (all triple plays) or customers with cable/internet (packages avaliable will very depending what current channels they have)


Springfield, IL
Thank you for this info; I was actually was going to check out CC's Home Security System anyway for my new house. Since I just got put on a new X3 pkg, might look at the quad play w/the $30 alarm service f/2 years. (best offer I've seen was $30 for only the 1st year, so your offer is better, in that regard)

Question - which security plan does this price cover...basic or preferred???


united state
It's for prefered. It's about 10 bucks extra for premier.


Miami, FL
reply to dishrich
Im going thru the home security training now, theres some nice stuff there offering, i like the new touch pad, So if you do go for the install you should ask for it, the older touchpad reminds me of android 2.1 with the newer one more upto date

Schaumburg, IL
reply to chewch99
This seems scary. They know what you watch. They know who you call and who calls you. They know what sites you go to. Now they also know when you are home or not...

Quakertown, PA
Is your tin foil hat on today? Doesnt the camera in the digital boxes cover most of that.