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reply to ez2cy

Re: Status of d-link

said by ez2cy:

'thank you for your reply.

The first one for the logs, I get a "ath0: STA 00:21:2f:35:c1:2e IEEE 802.11: associat
ed " for the message part, totally unlike yours.

Attaching a print screen for naming the computer etc. How do I know which one is mine, the wife's or kid?

The log entry you quote is for a wireless PC (whose MAC address is 00:21:2f:35:c1:2e) associating with your WiFi radio, it is not an entry for Internet access. The Internet access entries should show as a "Web Access" entry. As for your one quoted entry being "totally unlike" mine, you only quoted one entry, and I guess that it is also possible that your DIR-632 does not log web access (if so, then you are out of luck with monitoring your kids' Internet access).

As for the screen shot, you did not post what you said you were posting, but that part of the routers status display (assuming that you meant to post the "Lan Computers" status section) will only show you the computer names that are internally assigned in the computer. Shown below is a screen shot showing where I setup the computer name in the Windows XP workstation that I am using to make this post.

Shown below is a screen shot of where I setup the computer name for a Toshiba notebook running Windows Vista.

You will need to find out where to do this for each of your computers. The default names that Windows sets up are usually not very intuitive; if you want specific easily recognizable names for your computers, you need to set that up inside the computers. You will note that the two computers whose setup pages I posted above do indeed show up using my selected names in my DIR-655's "Device Info" status page that I previously posted.

Once you assign each of your computers a meaningful (to you) name, you can easily find out which of your wireless PCs was the one in the log entry excerpt that you posted (because the computer name, IP address, and MAC address for each attached PC shoud show up in the "Lan Computers" section of the "Device Info" page, and also in the "Wireless" page.

Here is a screen shot of my DIR-655's "Wireless" page showing a notebook that I just associated with that router, and also an updated screen shot of the "Lan Computers" where I can also cross reference the computer name (RWS-6325) with the IP address and the MAC address. Sorry, but there is no "one place" where you can see all of the information that you want to see.

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Thank you for your effort however.....

Looking over all this and trying to figure it out, I'm gathering that I'm useless with this and won't get it.

I want to thank you though for taking the time to try and help me. I am sorry I'm hopeless here...LOL