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No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
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reply to WiMax

Re: Switch to (cable) or stay with Bell Fibe 25 (VDSL)

said by WiMax:

said by Davesnothere:

Vonage will not save enough per month over Bell's voice service, and do not offer/port phone numbers in many areas.

Well, well. A Vonage & Bell Hater! Buddy, you have no clue as to what you are talking about.

Vonage has been around Canada for more than 7 years, they can now port to ANY of Canada's exchanges....

....So, go ahead, try to convince us all here that Vonage is no better than Bell. We're waiting.

First, you did not quote me properly (your edit referenced 'coaxguy', but showed MY remark), but I'm pretty sure that you were replying to me. - Anyway, I fixed that in my quote-back.

Even if you were NOT replying to me, I need to set you straight on some stuff.

I just now went here » , and checked about doing a 'port-in' of numbers from Kingston and Cornwall.

The lookup said "NO, NE RIEN, NADA, ZILCH", just like on EVERY other occasion that I did this during the past 7 years or however long that Vonage has been plying their half-baked attempt at VoIP in Canada.

They are simply NOT interested in supporting the smaller centres, never have been, and I live in a smaller community than the 2 medium sized cities which I just used for my test, so you KNOW that I do not qualify either, neither for porting NOR for new numbers.

Vonage had their chance on several occasions with me and they blew it. - So did Primus and Magic Jack (2 of the other large and more established VoIP providers to Canada), and for the same reasons.

If folks who are normally local to me are forced to PAY LONG DX to call ME, just because a phone company does not support a rate centre local to me, and only offers me a number in Ottawa (closest place to me that these 3 outfits actually DO support), then that is unsatisfactory, both to me AND to my callers.

I stand by everything which I said earlier about Vonage (which was not a lot), and including the possibility of the OP considering Cogeco for [only] their phone service in this case, and I respectfully suggest that you do your homework before questioning the brief statement which I made about Vonage in my last post.

In fact, Vonage Canada is NOT EVEN as GOOD as Bell, astounding as that may sound to some readers here, considering the perverse pleasure which some of us take in bashing Bell at any opportunity.

At least Bell supports porting of numbers in each and every community which they serve, which is nearly all of them in Ontario & Quebec.

If Vonage Canada, PrimusTel Canada, and Magic Jack do not do that much to begin, then their rates and features are irrelevant and moot to MANY MANY people.

Cheers !