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[Tomato] WR54GL bricked from installation of TomatoUSB 2.6 MIPSR

Hey guys, I was updating my installation of Tomato to TomatoUSB so that I could have more advanced QoS controls, and I installed the "Kernel 2.6 (experimental) for MIPSR2 Routers - no USB std" which obviously was the bad choice I realize.

I'm fairly sure it's 100% bricked, but is there anything I can do to fix it? I just got a new ASUS RT-N16 and installed Toast's TomatoUSB mod K26 VPN, and it's damn fine.

I would really like to get the WR54GL working again though so I can use it to enhance my wireless coverage... do you think this is possible? I found out about the JTAG fix, but I think that's slightly beyond my abilities (although I am able to solder, I don't know if this would be worth it).

Thanks for any help!

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Re: [Tomato] WR54GL bricked from installation of TomatoUSB 2.6 M

If you haven't found it yet the DD-WRT site has a good guide to debricking the WRT54 series. » ··· ad_Flash

If you can still ping it there is a good chance that you can use the TFTP tool (linksys' own) to try and reflashing it. If that doesn't work the JTAG method is your only option, on the plus side that model of router has the holes for the JTAG header, though Linksys for the reasons of cost control (ie make it as cheap as we can) didn't add the header. Still its much easier to add the header than trying to solder onto SMC leads or PCB tracts.

You know how to solder, its just a mater of making the cable and giving it a try.